Children and Women in Social Service and Human Rights (CWISH, Nepal) is a nonprofit organization, established in 1993 with an aim to ensure social justice, protection and promotion of human rights especially the rights of children. In order to achieve this aim, it has been working in three programmatic pillars: Child Protection, Rights To Education and Family Empowerment.

CWISH has been the founder of some child rights related consortium as well as the member of various such national and international consortiums. Till date, the services of CWISH have reached to 170,123 Children, 158,156 Women, 313962 Parents and 798 Institutions. Besides them, around 1,107,981 people from 35 districts have been indirectly benefited by CWISH. During these 25 years of time, CWISH has established partnership with 36 international donor agencies and accomplished 86 projects. CWISH has been righteously providing legal services to the victims of child rights violation along with psychosocial counseling and livelihood opportunities. 290 cases were filed in the court and 71 perpetrators were brought into justice. As a part of advocacy campaign, 119 IEC materials related to child rights were published and disseminated

In recognition of our exemplary work, CWISH has been felicitated with various awards and recognition: International Labor Organization (ILO) awarded CWISH as an outstanding NGO in 2005 for its contribution on child labor elimination and Human Rights Award by Social Welfare Council in 2006. Similarly, CWISH has been felicitated with Global Award on prevention of child abuse by World Women Summit Forum (WWSF) in 2009. CWISH has initiated impactful Green Flag Movement to eliminate child labor in Nepal and is successfully expanding in different parts of the country.

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